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Fully Customizable Augmented Reality Experience for Any Haunted Attraction

  • Increase revenue from  existing customers

  • Attract new customers

  • Easy addition to any attraction

  • Stand-Alone or Live Actor Supplement

  • Real-Time customer tracking

  • Tell a story, set up scares and fill dead spaces

  • Get started for just $199

The Next Dimension of Fear

What is FEAR APP?

FEAR APP is an incredible augmented reality technology developed specifically for the haunt industry. Available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, FEAR APP creates an entirely new dimension of terror using what 2.5 billion people already have in their pocket. Learn how FEAR APP can intensify your attraction, put you a step ahead of the competition, drive new business, and dramatically improve your bottom line.

Deliver Experiences Never Before Possible

Upon entering your attraction, the customer’s device comes to life in a totally unique perspective. Audio plays, the light on their phone turns on, agonizing moans creep closer and closer then—total darkness. After a terrifying moment alone in the dark, the light on the phone begins to strobe violently, a twitching horde of zombies thrusts toward them, and a blinding bolt of lightning crashes down. They manage to survive the chaos of the first encounter, but the madness continues throughout in a precisely choreographed show driven entirely by your customer’s location.

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